Registered office

Via Angelo Brofferio, 6, 00195

Place of Business

Via Francesco Antolisei, 6, 00173

+39 380 4698470

Mon - Fri 9:00-18:00




Location: e-Metodi

Address: Via Francesco Antolisei, 6 00173 Roma

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/QG8orFZh4Moizs7x9

Parking: Free parking available to visitors

How to get

You can find us in Rome inside the executive office center "Uffici Cardo".

Write to us

We have always paid the utmost attention to every person who has shown an interest in our company.
We like engaging in conversation either by chat or by phone with our customers, prospects, with the people who have attended our training courses and every user of our software solutions.
Oggi le piattaforme di social network hanno reso questo tipo di comunicazione estremamente invadente.
Social network platforms tend to generate noise, so we always prefer one-to one, individual and dedicated email messages and phone conversations because we do believe that this is the best way to dedicate to our contacts the attention they deserve.
So, write us and call us. We will do our best to fully and satisfactorily reply to your need of information.